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Godalming Museum Educational Services

Godalming Museum Educational Services provide hands-on talks in  Schools and Colleges, and visits to the Museum which support and enhance children's and students' learning.

Key areas of the Museum's local collection include Gertrude Jekyll, Edwin Lutyens and Jack Phillips of the ill-fated Titanic.

The Museum's outstanding range of loan boxes covers various facets of Roman, Tudor and Victorian times, and includes a Toy Box, a Pastimes Box and others, each supported by excellent teaching notes which can be used effectively in the various subject areas.

National Curriculum

Talk, visits and loan boxes are prepared with the National Curriculum in mind and for learning with enjoyment.

Please follow the links below to learn more about :

  • Free talks supported by artefacts and pictures, either in the Museum or in schools, colleges or day centres.

  • ‘Museum boxes’ each containing a set of resources covering a particular topic, loaned out to educational establishments for a small fee

Tailored Visits and Talks

We are happy to tailor visits and talks to meet your needs, and more Museum Boxes are on the way, as part of a continuing development of educational resources at  the museum.  If you think the museum can develop a particular subject which would aid your teaching, please get in touch  via e-mail or by phone

Jessie Cowell           Education Coordinator     
Alison Pattison         Curator                          



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