The cosy fireside gatherings of Christmas and the New Year are long past and in attic and store cupboard suitcases are stirring, while coffee tables groan under the weight of travel brochures, guide books and timetables.

In planning for a trip there is always one problem to be solved - what to take with you. The bare necessities turn out to be a mountainous heap that will bulge any suitcase to breaking point and infringe the meagre allowance that the airlines permit you to take on board without requiring from you punitive fees for excess baggage.

Then there are the friends and relatives that you will be visiting. You must take a small gift for them; something appropriate and, ideally, something that will act as a memento of you and of where you live. But it must not take up space and must not weigh anything because you are over your baggage allowance already. There is hope for you in this situation, and not very far away, because the Museum Shop has developed a range of small, good quality Godalming souvenirs.


Many items on sale carry pictures of the major sights of Godalming. They appear on tea towels, calico shopping bags, notelets, notepads, fruit knives and even on three flavours of chocolate bar! Are you going to give a book? You can make it a souvenir of Godalming by including one of our leather bookmarks. They come in four different colours so you can choose one which will tone with the binding! There is a cut-out-and-make-up model of the Pepperpot that might interest a child. There are mounted reproductions of old photographs of Godalming. For those who are really challenged by weight and space problems there are tiny two inch square original water-colours of Godalming and among the extensive range of Iris Stylosa china, unique to the Museum, a china thimble in a minute presentation box.

Happy travelling in 2003! 

Mary Pagan