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Views of the High Street
Godalming can lay claim to a world first!! Godalming High Street became the first in the world to install electric street lighting on November 12th 1881.
lightsmall This engraving shows the High Street, the market house on the far left and the building on the right of the picture behind the street light is  the location of the Godalming museum .
And here is the same street today, hardly changed, except for the cars. High_Street_new
proclomation edward small Looking the other way up the high Street, this was the view during the Proclamation of King Edward VII, 31st Jan 1901, by the mayor Alderman Charles Burgess in the town centre market place.
.. and again in the town market place, for the Proclamation of King George V on 12th May 1910 by the mayor Alexander Munro . proclomation small

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