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Free talks 

The Education Coordinator gives free talks supported by artefacts and pictures either in the Museum or in schools, colleges and day centres. Teachers, lecturers and group leaders can book talks for either in the Museum or in schools, colleges and day centres. 

Please contact the Museum if you want  to organise a talk.

The list of topics grows all the time, and alters to meet changing educational needs, but the list includes: 

Specific to Godalming and District

The History of Godalming  - follow link for more details
Godalming High Street - with slides
Local Architecture - including walks
Godalming’s Old Industries - with photos
History of Godalming Parish Church - with visit
Turnpikes and Roads - with slides
The Lammas Land 
The Wey-Arun Canal
The History of Catteshall
The History of Local Place Names
The History of South West Surrey
The second world war - the home front - follow link for more details


Victorian Times

Living Conditions - follow link for more details
Child Labour
Home and School Life
- with artefacts and pictures


What is a Museum?
Local Geology

For older students

Parish Registers
Researching Old Records
Illuminated Manuscript to Incunabula
- with originals
Early Printing - with originals
18th Century Silver

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The Victorians - Living conditions 

"What was life like in Victorian Times?  Was life different for rich and poor?"  

We compare school and home life, then and now. 

Handling items include:

  • Victorian potato masher
  • candle holders and rush lamps
  • lemon squeezer
  • blacking jars and mineral water bottles
  • slates and samplers
  • teacher’s cane
  • postcard “never absent, never late”
  • text books
  • garments
  • photos

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 The history of Godalming

"Why is Godalming where it is and how did it develop over the centuries?  What were its industries and who lived there?"

 Handling items include:

  • Godalming codd bottle

  • Burgess stores tin for china tea

  • Boots cash chemist medicine bottle

  • local ginger beer bottle

  • local coronation mugs

  • photos and pictures

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The second world war - the home front

"What was life like at home and at school?"

Handling items include:

  • ration books

  • identity card

  • night lights

  • helmets and gas masks

  • photos and pictures

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